About us

Asian Remedy, Inc. was founded with one goal in mind: to source and offer the best medicines from Asia designed to ease your discomfort. We pride ourselves on quality and authenticity of our products and stand by our reputation and guarantee of customer satisfaction. However, We do not take any responsibility for custom fees or risk costs caused by local legal restrictions, as they are completely beyond our control.


Pain is an unpleasant sensation that may become discomforting at higher intensities. The common sites or origin of pain are back, eye, face, stomach, joint pain, tongue etc. The triggered pain can be of different types like severe, moderate or even mild. Several types of pain killers are available in the Asian market to get rid of the pain. Pain killers are available in pharmacy either as over the counter drugs but some may require prescription from a medical doctor. Below are some of the common painkillers we recommended, as well as their effects, potency and side effect.